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I have got pets and small children and don’t want you to use rodent poison can you help ?

All the rodenticides we use today have a product called Bitrex impregnated into our baits. Rodents don’t have any sense of taste so cannot detect it.  Humans,  cats, dogs, , farm animals etc cannot bear it and it stimulates the gagging reflex http://www.bitrex.com/index.php?page=home&hl=en_US As a consequence and since its introduction into pesticides and rodenticides accidental poisoning of humans and animals have been practically eliminated. If you are still uncomfortable we will put all our rodent baits in lockable plastic boxes to make sure little fingers cant get into them.

What about chickens and rodenticides ?

Our baits also come in wax formulations making it safe to put in and around chicken runs without tempting the birds.

What do you charge ?

If you look at our local authority page on the tool bar you will see our list of charges for Harborough District council . If you live outside Harborough district we will usually charge the same rate except the concessionary rates which are only applicable and negotiatied specifically for Harborough residents. There may be a small surcharge if we have to travel some distance to you.

What areas do you cover ?

For domestic and commercial pest control we cover the following counties ; Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Peterborough, Fenland and Warwickshire but we are expanding so its always worth asking.

I have rats under the floorboards/ in the roof/cavity walls,  how did they get there ?

It is highly likely that you have a defect with your drains underground. Rats are shy creatures and will attempt to avoid any contact with humans, therefore it is unlikely that they entered the house through the door (although it has been known). Our advice would always be to start with a survey of the house and drains which we we can provide. There are a variety of products now available to prevent rats getting into your domestic drains and we can also supply and fit them for you at a fraction of the cost of digging up the drains and repairing them.